Over at the revamped, back-from-the-dead Bold Italic, food correspondent Hana Nobel decided to search Yelp for the lowest-rated restaurants in town, specifically seeking out keywords such as “worst,” “food poisoning.” She ate at several of these places, in what seems like a new form of service journalism (?), and guess what! She got food poisoning.

It's a "I ate there so you don't have to" type of piece, which is all well and good except for the fact that you couldn't have paid me to eat at any of these places even before I read this.

Oh, actually, that's a lie: I ate at Sinbad's once, because it was someone's birthday and they were into kitsch, and it was salty but OK. Nobel seeks out what is likely the sketchiest item on the Sinbad's menu, the bay shrimp cocktail (as opposed to the more expensive prawn cocktail), and seems disappointed when the shrimp appear to have been recently frozen.

She also goes to Chinatown Restaurant at 744 Washington Street (spoiler: don't go there), where the place seems to have a well deserved 1.5-star Yelp rating, and there is a live pigeon inside the restaurant slamming itself against windows to get out, and no one pays it any mind.

And it's hard to say whether Muskaan Cuisine of India in Rincon Center, which is a decidedly depressing and terrible looking Indian lunch buffet, or Shiki, a decidedly depressing and terrible looking sushi outpost on Third Street was the culprit in her food poisoning, but she seems to point the finger at the sushi place.

Anyway, Nobel appears to be simply carrying on the Bold Italic's grand tradition of being obsessed with poop. And a fine job she did at that.