A report shows that Apple is probably working on a self-driving car, with an interest to test it out at the old Concord naval base.

On Friday, The Guardian published a report saying they had obtained documents that confirmed the tech giant was scouting for testing sites. Through a public records request, The Guardian found correspondence between Apple and Contra Costa County officials about using a site on the Concord Naval Weapons Station for testing.

"We are hoping to see a presentation on the... testing grounds with a layout, photos, and a description of how the various areas of the grounds could be used," wrote Apple engineer Frank Fearon to GoMentum Station, the testing ground on the site of the old base. It is run by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority.

GoMentum Station covers 5,000 acres and features 20 miles of empty roads and infrastructure such as overpasses, tunnels and railroad crossings, according to the AP—all ideal for automated car testing. Ideally, for Apple, it also features high security.

Apple has not commented on the story, while the CCTA signed a non-disclosure agreement with the company. "We can’t tell you anything other than they've come in and they're interested," said CCTA executive director Randy Iwasaki.

Despite Apple's interest and all the perks offered at GoMentum Station, so far only Honda has signed a deal with the site to eventually test at the site.