Remember the suitcase murder? You know, the one that got that name back in January because police discovered a headless torso stuffed in a suitcase near Goodwill in SoMa? The case where the prime suspect, Mark Andrus, was arrested but released due to insufficient evidence and then overdosed and died days later?

Well, police have continued to investigate, and the Medical Examiner has continued to examine those dismembered remains. In fact, you might recall that the incident wasn't even definitively a murder, as many speculated it could have been some other sort of nightmare scenario involving an overdose and some government checks. But now, let's put one thing to rest. It was in fact a murder, as the Chronicle reports, after the long-awaited results of the autopsy finally arrive.

Today, pathologists are firm in their belief that the victim, 58-year-old Omar Shahwan, who was positively identified in February, and has been described Andrus' former roommate and good friend, was killed before his body was cut up. Shahwan was a victim of "homicidal violence" Christopher Wirowek, administrator with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said vaguely.

A big holdup for the autopsy, it sounds like, has been that Shahwan's head, arm, and hands remain missing. His leg and foot were found in a nearby trash. Pathologists also determined through a toxicology report that there was cocaine, heroin and methadone in Shahwan’s system.

Unlike Shahwan, Andrus’ death has been ruled accidental. The Medical Examiner listed his official cause of death as “complication associated with small intestinal and colon infarction due to acute mixed drug intoxication of cocaine, methadone and morphine.”

It remains to be seen if Andrus is considered the sole suspect in the murder, or if we ever learn the exact circumstances or motive.

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