Nearly everyone had a great time at Outside Lands, right? Especially this guy. But some folks had a little too much fun (or tried to) and the numerous San Francisco Police Department officers patrolling "on foot, mountain bicycles, motorcycle dirt bikes, Harley Davidson traffic motorcycles and mounted horse back" (in the words of SFPD Sergeant Michael Andraychak) nabbed them. Here are the law and order stats at Outside Lands, by the numbers.

  • 5: The number of people nabbed for "peddling without a permit" (in this case, scalping wristbands)
  • 3: The number of those people who were in Fantastic Negrito's camp, causing a cancellation of his Outside Lands show
  • 77: The number of people cited for trespassing at a paid event (in other words, gate crashing)
  • $197: The fine for trespassing at a paid event
  • $135: The cost of a one-day ticket to the festival
  • 1: The number of SFPD officers allegedly knocked unconscious by 24-year-old Zachary Holland, who reportedly knocked a cop over as he tried to gate crash the fest
  • 3: The number of folks busted for "Alcohol/drinking violations"
  • 2: The number of "Miscellaneous Municipal Code Violations" for which festival attendees were cited
  • 1: The number of folks caught for public urination
  • 26: The number of speeding tickets issued to drivers in the festival area
  • 18: The number of festival-area drivers police ticketed for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk
  • 16: The number of citations issued for drivers who blocked an intersection or a crosswalk in the festival area
  • 19: The number of citations issued to drivers who allegedly impeded the flow of traffic in the festival area
  • 46: The number of "miscellaneous vehicle code violations" SFPD wrote tickets for near the fest
  • 15: The number of drivers ticketed for double parking near the festival
  • 18: The number of "miscellaneous parking violations" police cited drivers for near the festival
  • 1: The number of wristband scalpers who were reportedly kidnapped and robbed outside the festival

All arrest and citation statistics: SFPD.

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