According to certified San Francisco native Justin Fichelson, a local real estate agent jacking up our housing prices and currently taking a star turn on the new SF season of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, it's easy to dress for success. You just have to have already succeeded, then you wear your existing success on your literal sleeve.

"The thing about San Francisco is it's now become a mix of old money and uber-big tech titans," Fichelson sagely explains. That's why you gotta spend money to make money, which is to say by wearing suits that cost thousands of dollars. In the first episode of the show, he spends some time at Wingtip in a smoking jacket/robe, just to confirm your suspicions about where he's spending his commissions.

Indeed, Fichelson's fashion palette tends toward "Financial District flashy" and "ultra-Marina douchey," but maybe it's not all bad. After all, most people say that our collective wardrobe in the Bay Area is too full of hoodies and loungewear.

Though Fichelson skirts around those stereotypes, and I do enjoy his last outfit, I think we can agree that he's nobody's fashion icon — just a bit of an enthusiast trying to get our attention. I mean, dude's on reality TV.

Last, Fichelson is remiss to forget the one piece of fashion advice crucial to every San Franciscan, the warning you surely give to all your out-of-town guests. Bring a jacket.

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