A Fisherman's Wharf denizen recently took a strong anti-authority position against the San Francisco Police Department — a position, one can only assume, that included a significant amount of squatting. As in, to poo.

Of course, it's KRON4's Stanley Roberts who brings us this tale: Apparently, an SFPD Lieutenant had parked on a high-traffic Wharf street when a man "smeared some sort of foreign matter on the windshield," Roberts reports.

The matter? His own feces, the Lieutenant suggests. According to witnesses to the scene, the man also "urinated on the door handle," which leads one to believe that this was a...targeted situation.

The suspect, a tanned, shirtless man who police say also attempted to force his affections on a staffer at an area shop, was arrested nearby, Roberts reports.

"Is there a law against pooping on a police car?" Roberts asked the Lieutenant.

Ruefully smiling, she replied "We're gonna look! There's gotta be something."

The patrol car was deemed too gross to drive, and was towed from the scene.

The besmirched vehicle was apparently a big hit with the tourists, many of whom took selfies of themselves with the smears and drips. Sounds like one for the scrapbook!