The Mist was a terrible movie (and I say this as a massive Andre Braugher fan), and while original version of The Fog is quality stuff, the less said about the terrible remake the better. But I was thinking about all three movies as I watched friend of SFist, videographer, and drone guy Eddie Codel's video of fog rolling over Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks.

It's likely you've already seen this sweet video, shot by Codel via his DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter, as it was picked up by Laughing Squid, Bernalwood, and Curbed SF. Everybody who wrote those posts must be less morbid-minded than I am (safe assumption), though, because no one else seemed to think that this video looks like the atmospheric phenomenon that occurs right before massive supernatural bloodshed begins. (Hmm, I wonder if the creepy-crawlies that come in under the cover of mist could get jobs shilling for Virgin too?)

Come on! I can't be the only person who looks at a fogbound area of SF and says "hope those guys are doing OK fighting the monsters/ghost pirates/whatever" from my comparatively clear vantage point. Can I?

ANYWAY. Enjoy the video, dress in layers, and always be ready to fight for your life. Next time, the fog could be coming for you.