Have you heard about His Royal Majesty Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor of the United States of Turtle Island? Well he's a Malibu resident who's been officially running for President in every election cycle since 1996, and much like famed SF kook Emperor Joshua Norton, he declared himself Emperor — he wrote a letter to President Clinton declaring war on the United States, and when no one responded, he said, that was akin to conceding defeat, and he became emperor.

Now he's among the 366 people who have filed paperwork to become candidates in the 2016 presidential race, as the New York Times reports. And just by virtue of the NYT giving him that kind of attention, you can bet we'll be hearing more from him on his YouTube channel shortly.

HRM Caesar Saint Augustine, who also goes by realitiesupremebeing on YouTube, is a rambling ranter of the highest order, though he seems otherwise lucid. He does a lot of talking about our "idiot President" and our "idiot Congress," often referring to "you people" and telling his small audience that they need to go take action instead of complaining in his comments section. And in the case of the video below, he set up a camera in a shopping cart and filmed himself wandering a Walmart, in two ten-minute monologues following the Boston marathon bombing and subsequent bomber shooting and arrest, the events having sparked his conspiracy-loving psyche, in May 2013.

"So long as you people continue to be like sheeple," he says. "I can't believe that the whole world, with so much technology, can be so blindsided, so conned... look at all these products... 90 percent of the come from China now... and YouTube is on the take also. They're part of the Bilderberg Group. They're part of the Trilateral Commission..." Yep.

HRM Caesar Saint Augustine does seem a semi-qualified heir to the legacy of Emperor Norton, only his audience appears quite tiny, with his lengthy, extremely unfocused videos barely garnering 50 views — though that might change with this brief national spotlight! Emperor Norton, of course, was so well known in 1870s San Francisco that his death prompted a funeral parade attended by 10,000 people.

Here's this guy's Facebook page, where he promises to launch a Kickstarter soon — His Royal Majesty needs to raise or spend at least $5,000 in order to make his candidacy truly official.

The thing is, he's just not all that endearing. He's a curmudgeon who dresses like an older Hunter S. Thompson and sounds like Fox News with a whole lot of internet conspiracy talk thrown in. In the video below he blames his "situational depression" — admitting he's been depressed for a long time — on "your collective society, America."

Well, at least he takes action every four years and files that paperwork to become President. It's something, right?

You can see a PDF of his official filing here, and note all the extra text he appears to have physically cut and pasted onto the form, just to make sure he's heard. E.g., "Continuing news blackout (never any equal time for unknown or little known presidential candidates) of stories of decades of negligence by control freaks running the planet and continuing to destroy people who could really make a difference!!!"

No news blackout here. Let him debate Hillary!