You know how we told you that the freshly sodded north half of Dolores Park would be reopening June 18? And remember how Rec & Parks came up with that loony public-service campaign with the Knights of Revery to encourage people to behave better in the park and throw their trash away? Well, now, cautiously, Rec & Parks have released a new video of the costumed Knights frolicking in the grass on the empty, untouched side of the park, encouraging us to "Love Dolores" — and now there's a whole URL devoted to this campaign,, and a hashtag, in the hope that all the partying hordes will listen and not promptly destroy all the hard work that went into beautifying the new north side.

I'm not sure about the song choice though... Starship's "Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now." It just made my mind go directly to "nothing's gonna stop people from trampling all that fresh grass in about a week." There are, alas, no entry gates and no crowd control at the ersatz weekend festival that is Dolores.

But please, everybody, pick up after yourselves. And don't set up DJ booths.

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