With the Van Ness McDonald's already gone and the Third and Townsend McDonald's highly likely to to disappear soon, Egg McMuffin and Big Mac aficionados are going to be even sadder about the news that the McDonald's at Mission and 16th just closed overnight. As Socketsite reports, the lease for the McDonald's at 2011 Mission Street — easily one of the sketchiest McDonald's in the city — had expired, and the landlord allegedly decided he didn't want to renew their long-term lease so that the property would not be encumbered should he want to sell or develop it.

No plans for the site exist yet, which is the 1916-built Bruns Building and which is also home to a US Bank, but as we know there are big plans for a 330-unit building directly across the street. And this site is zoned to be more than twice as tall as it is now.

Meanwhile, the recently remodeled McDonald's at the corner of 24th and Mission lives on, as do 16 other locations citywide. Employees at the 2011 Mission location are said to be being relocated to other stores in the city.

Another business that does not require a long-term lease may still open in its place.