It's been a more than six months, so I'll need a reminder — which one of you called "methamphetamines and marijuana" in the case of the woman who injured at least two in a drug-fueled wrong-way rampage on the Bay Bridge? Whoever it was, the tox report just came back...and you nailed it.

You can be forgiven for failing to recall the tragic tale: It was 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 8, 2014 when then-32-year-old Karrie Lyn Morgan allegedly drove into oncoming Bay Bridge traffic. She slammed into one vehicle, then sideswiped two more as she drove westbound in the eastbound lanes of the Bay Bridge near the toll plaza.

KTVU reports today that after all these months, Morgan's post-crash toxicology report just came in, and it was positive for a mix of pot and meth.

The night of the crash Morgan, who was not licensed to drive, was booked into SF County Jail on suspicion of driving under the influence of certain drugs, driving under the influence of drugs that causes injury to another and being an unlicensed driver.

But she was apparently released shortly thereafter and ended up in Napa County, where she languishes in their jail following an April drug arrest.

But why the delay in her SF case? Apparently, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office couldn't move forward on charges until they got the drug test back, and that (for some reason) took over six months.

"We just recently received the toxicology report and it enabled us to file these charges," said DA's office spokesperson Max Szabo tells KTVU.

Meanwhile, while Morgan was busy getting busted for drugs in Napa, one of her alleged victims is still struggling to recover.

35-year-old Angie Petty was critically injured in the Bay Bright melee. "She had fractured her skull, fractured both legs, fractured her right arm...She had torn all of the ligaments in her neck. They had to restructure her neck," her attorney told KTVU.

"At this point she still can't sleep in her own bed...She's still in a hospital bed at home. Just everyday little tasks are completely impossible for her right now."

Frustratingly, it will be a while before Petty and Morgan's other alleged victims have a chance for justice. According to KTVU, it's only after Morgan is sentenced and serves time on her Napa offenses that she'll be transferred to SF to face the music for the Bay Bridge crimes.

Morgan is expected in court for her Napa arrest on June 10. Her SF dates, for now, are TBD.

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