And then there were two. Last night at the Roaracle in Oakland, your Golden State Warriors dispatched the Houston Rockets, 104-90, and booked passage to meet the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

Throughout this entire season, the Warriors played such breathlessly beautiful basketball and surpassed opponents with such ease, many thought that the Dubs would crumble at the first sign of resistance. That because the Warriors were untested, they would surely fail once the scantrons were passed out. But, what if that test never comes? What if there is no resistance because the Warriors are irresistible? Could it be that the biggest bump on this implausible path were those two games against Memphis?! Surely, Houston would pose the biggest, most dangerous threat, no?


Last night's was not a beautiful game, but it was a glorious one. My buddy Jose and his daughter Lexi were at the game and reported that the arena was hopping off its foundation. That's how Dubs fans do. And on a night when Steph shot only .333 from the field and .273 from the 3, when Draymond shot the ball 15 times and only 3 went in, when Bogut scored zero, zip, zilch, we also had a night when Klay shot 8-of-14 including 4-of-6 from behind the arc, Festus scored 12, and Harrison played like a man and put up 24 points. The Warriors played a game in which they allowed Houston star, James Harden, only 14 points, 10 of which came at the free throw line--yes, James Harden, the runner up to Steph's MVP award, in an elimination game, made only two shots from the field on 11 attempts. He also turned the ball over 13 times, an NBA playoff record.

There are many ways to skin a cat, and the Warriors know all of them. Their blades are sharp.

By now it is abundantly clear that the Warriors are the best team in basketball this year. Yes, they have this year's best individual player in Steph Curry, but the Dubs also have the most pieces in the most places. The Warriors starting-five ranks at or near the top of all relevant offensive and defensive categories. But, all starting-fives are good. The Clippers say hello — from their couches. But look beyond the 1-5 and look at the 6-11 guys. Iggy. David Lee. Livingston, Barbosa, Ezili, Speights. Some of these guys could start on NBA teams right now. Lee was an All-Start in 2010 and 2013. Iggy was an All-Star in 2012 and NBA All-Defensive First Team last year. These guys are coming off our bench! Last night, the Rockets' bench scored 16. The Warriors' bench scored 25. And got 16 boards. 10 assists. 4 steals. This team will take all comers for all 48 minutes at any time.

But, for now, we wait. Despite the Cavs having swept their series two nights ago, the Warriors having closed theirs out in 5 games last night, the NBA announced that it will not move up the dates for the Finals. June 4th it was, and June 4th it is. Annoying, yes, but ultimately a blessing in disguise. Both teams could certainly use the rest. Cleveland needs Kyrie to be tip-top.

But more importantly, Klay needs the rest. He was accidentally kneed in the head last night, which lead to bleeding from his right ear. He got three stitches for the cut. What he didn't know at the time was that he also suffered a concussion. After the game, Klay couldn't drive home, and once there, he vomited. This was one game after Steph took a six foot fall onto the side of his head. Splash Bros, get your rest. NBA, get a new concussion protocol because your current one is shit.

For years- — for so many years — Warriors fans wore our fandom with stubborn, resentful pride and masochism. In a league where the giants are truly giant, where there seems to be no respite from the onslaught of the Lakers, Spurs, Bulls, Celtics, Heat; where the fortunes of the 76ers and Rockets and Pistons have flowed just as they've ebbed; where we've witnessed the rise of the Mavericks and the Thunder and the Cavaliers, Warriors fans hopelessly wondered, when would it be our turn?

Well, Dub Nation, our number has been called. We're gonna get some cold cuts.

NBA Finals Schedule

Game 1: June 4, at Golden State, 6 PM (ABC)
Game 2: June 7, at Golden State, 5 PM (ABC)

Game 3: June 9, at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)
Game 4: June 11, at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)

Game 5: June 14, at Golden State, 5 PM (ABC)

Game 6: June 16, at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)

Game 7: June 19, at Golden State, 6 PM (ABC)