Virgin America flight 218 from SFO to Austin had to turn around while taxiing for takeoff around noon today after a passenger made an apparent suicide threat. Passenger (and angel investor) Erik Berg began tweeting about the incident around 11:55 a.m., saying that a passenger saw another passenger writing "a suicide note for himself and the plane."

The plane returned to the gate, the passenger was subsequently escorted off the plane and it was determined that he had no checked luggage and therefore the plane was safe to takeoff. Some passengers, however, left the plane voluntarily because they were too spooked. Berg, however, remained on board.

He then noted that there was an unwelcome game in the Virgin Red system that he didn't really want to see right now.

Update: Virgin America spokesperson Christie O’Toole issued a statement: “Just after taxi out, Virgin America flight 218 (SFO-AUS, carrying 108 guests) returned to the gate at SFO due to onboard reports from guests concerned about the behavior of a fellow passenger. The guest in question was escorted off the aircraft at SFO and evaluated by medical professionals. Out of respect for the privacy of the guest and given that the matter is now in the hands of appropriate authorities, we aren’t able to comment further. However, preliminary reports indicate that the guest made no threat to the safety of the aircraft or any other passenger onboard. After the passenger was removed, the flight resumed its service to Austin."

This article has been corrected to show that the correct flight number was 218.

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