Early in the days of Airbnb, when we still called the practice apartment-sharing without using exaggerated air quotes or eye rolls, a pal of mine was Airbnbing her Tenderloin apartment to tourists every weekend while she crashed with her boyfriend. Knowing that she had a studio crammed with her stuff, I remember asking her "but don't you feel weird about how they must go through your shit?"

She looked at me blankly. "They wouldn't do that, right?" "Wouldn't you?" I asked. Because, come on, we're all only human, guys.

Comedy network Above Average plays on just that investigative tendency with their satirical commercial for "Airbnb Express," in which you rent a stranger's place for an hour — no, not to get laid, but so you can go through your host's stuff and, if you want, mock it mercilessly.

My favorite moment in the video: when a couple, played by Jackie Jennings and Dave Ebert, discovers the unlikeliest of brown bag bedfellows. You can watch the whole thing below: