Today's forecast: Layers, both of the marine and the apparel varieties.

But KPIX 5 weather anchor Roberta Gonzales is auguring changes by abandoning her penchant for color-blocking and delivering the good word that this earlyish summer weather (and pernicious drizzle) will clear up today.

A bit.

Aaaand then come back tomorrow, or at least it looks like it on Weather Underground. Still hanging around right now is that "cloud deck" of roughly 3,000 feet that was looming over the region as of yesterday and providing light precipitation. But, Gonzalez expects some sun today, so we can hope.

Some of the Bay Area, like San Jose, will experience temperatures nearing the 80s as the week goes on. But today in San Francisco, though the sky will be clear, we'll only hit the low 60s. For others, “Those warmer temperatures should last all the way through the weekend,” says Gonzales. In Oakland, expect high 60s through the rest of the week, but like SF, just a little sunny today with cool gray fog rolling back in tomorrow.

So, basically, hunker down prepare for more of the same, with temperatures maybe rising a few degrees, with a touch more sun, by the middle of next week.