[Update] According to Food Inspection Reports requested by SFist from the Department of Public Health, Herbivore Earthly Grill isn't doing a remodel just for fun. The restaurant was unfortunately suspended back on the 15th of this month for "repeat vermin activity throughout the facility."

Their permit was reinstated later in the day (not sure if anyone noticed, but it was probably closed for lunch for a serious sanitization effort?) and business as usual continued. But then the vermin were back as soon as the 19th, when the restaurant was issued a 3-day suspension to begin on the 20th for "allowing serious health violations to recur." So, the question is: How long has that "temporary closure" been going on (SFist was only alerted to it today). Is this another closure on top of that one? We'll update if and when we find out more.


Vegetarian staple Herbivore's restaurant on Divisadero has, all of a sudden, put up a "Closed For Maintenance" sign. A call to their answering machine yields an equivalent message.

With the relatively recent closure of Source and the departure of Millenium (for Rockridge) a closed sign at a local vegetarian spot in a hot neighborhood — even a purportedly temporary one — was cause for a little concern.

However, SFist spoke to a manager at the Divisadero restaurant who says not to worry. It's a remodel, including cleaning and a new paint job. The latest it will be back open: Friday or Saturday morning.

But, if anything changes with that, we'll update — a call to the health department to confirm this version of events has not yet been returned. And until then, you can always visit Herbivore's locations at 983 Valencia Street (between Liberty and 21st Streets) or in Berkeley at 2451 Shattuck Avenue (between Haste Street and Dwight Way). Problem solved.

Herbivore, 531 Divisadero Street between Hayes and Fell Streets, (415) 885-7133

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