33 years later, investigators have been able to positively identify some remains that turned up in the vicinity of Morrison Canyon, near Niles and Fremont, and connect them to a cold case involving the disappearance of Swedish exchange student Elizabeth Martinsson in 1982. Some skeletal remains, just seven or so bones, were found there in 2010, as ABC 7 reports, and a match through dental records was finally made last November. Now, authorities are seeking a person of interest in the case and have gone public, trying to determine if he is still alive.

Martinsson was attending the College of Marin at the time of her disappearance, and working as an au pair for a family in Greenbrae. She was last seen at Larkspur Landing with a yellow Volkswagen Rabbit borrowed from her host family, and a witness saw Martinsson get approached by a man fitting the description of this person of interest, Henry Lee Coleman, who then got in her car with her. Coleman was then arrested 10 days later when Martinsson's vehicle was spotted in Boise City, Oklahoma, with him in it, along with 26-year-old Sabrina Ann Johnson of Seattle.

Coleman was 31 years old at the time and had already served 10 years in prison on rape convictions in Oklahoma. He would be about 64 years old now. (See photo below.)

Ultimately, after Martinsson's remains could not be found and for lack of other evidence, murder charges were dropped against Coleman, but he was tried and convicted of auto theft on the basis of the eyewitness testimony.

Now, as the Marin Independent Journal reports, authorities may reopen the case, but first need to determine if Coleman is still living somewhere.

Martinsson's remains have been cremated and will be returned to her family in Uddevalla, a small town about 50 miles from the Norwegian border. A local newspaper reports that her ashes will be buried at her parents’ gravesite.