May Day demonstrations for a variety of causes but most prominently centering on the police homicide of Freddie Gray carried well into the evening on Friday. As with previous days of uprising in downtown Oakland, marchers mixed with wanton vandals, and there were broken storefront windows, garbage bins lit on fire, and more property damage, including the targeting of an auto dealership where protesters smashed rows of cars.

KTVU reported that a photographer of theirs has been attacked.

According to a photographer at about at around 10 p.m. a crowd of protestors headed into Oakland's First Friday Art Murmur event.

Apparently police are deploying flash bang grenades, making arrest.

As it neared 11 p.m., the protests are winding down with police in full force.

Update: Photographer Thomas Hawk was out among the protests and shows us this dramatic photo set, of which there are a few example shots below.

It's unclear how many arrests were made, but the Chronicle confirms that police did make arrests.


Photo: Thomas Hawk

Photo: Thomas Hawk

Photo: Thomas Hawk

Photo: Thomas Hawk

Photo: Thomas Hawk

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Photo: Thomas Hawk