Yes, we got something like a few hundredths of an inch of rain Sunday night and yesterday, though the central city might have seen a bit more than that via a well-stocked storm cloud that passed through yesterday morning. But this turns out to be just the tail end of a storm system that mostly missed us, as per usual in this dry, dry winter. But there's of course a bright side to this which is that a warming trend begins tomorrow and goes right through the weekend, with potential park-, beach-, and convertible-top-down days ahead.

It should hit 72 on Wednesday in SF, which could mean 78 or higher in the East Bay. And Thursday, which Weather Underground has as the warmest of the upcoming days, is set to hit 77 in the city. But things stay warm all weekend, with lots of sun straight through until next week, with only Saturday showing partly cloudy.

My recommendation: After-work outdoor activities on Thursday and Friday, and no working late, including but not limited to any of the following: a city hike up Russian and Nob Hills into North Beach; drinks in someone's backyard; barbecuing on a deck; a wasted evening in Dolores Park, Washington Square Park, or Alamo Square followed by food at Pancho Villa or 4505 Meats or Mario's Cigar Store Cafe.

Also, a Sunday drive to the East or North Bay could be in order, or even a trip to the Marin Headlands, Sonoma, or Sausalito, keeping in mind that there will probably be some traffic coming back to town between 4 p.m. and sunset.

And to kick off your road trip playlist...