For the centennial of the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, has restored a selection of postcards from the festival and placed them side-by-side with some workaday scenes of 2015 San Francisco taken from the same spot. The big shebang of a hundred years ago heralded both the opening of the Panama Canal and the resurgence of San Francisco after the 1906 quake. And the entire Marina District was in on the festivities, as you can see in this map from the San Francisco Public Library. As you'll notice, the only structure to survive (in a recreated form) is the Palace of Fine Arts. The rest is history.


PALACE OF FINE ARTS ROTUNDA (1915 & 2015), 3601 Lyon St.,

THE AMUSEMENT ZONE: Dayton Flood & Creation (1915 & 2015) Francisco St. & Laguna St.,

JAPANESE VILLAGE (1915 & 2015), Gough St. & Bay St.,

THE NETHERLANDS PAVILION (1915 & 2015) Yacht Road & Old Mason St.,

LIBERAL ARTS PALACE & TOWER (1915 & 2015) Bay St. & Divisadero St.,

THE MACHINERY PALACE (1915 & 2015) Fillmore St and Beach St.,

NATIONS OF THE EAST, Court of Sun & Stars (1915 & 2015) 3630 Divisadero St.,

PALACE OF EDUCATION (1915 & 2015) Beach St. & Baker St.,

PALACE OF FINE ARTS ROTUNDA (1915 & 2015) 3601 Lyon St.,

STATE OF WASHINGTON PAVILION (1915 & 2015) Mason St. & Halleck St. (now the Crissy Field Marsh),

PALACE OF HORTICULTURE (1915 & 2015) Divisadero St. & Chestnut St.,