Many of the collisions that San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency operators are involved in aren't Muni's fault: for example, this collision that left two injured after the driver of a car slammed into the middle of the L-Taraval on Friday evening. Given the dangers other drivers pose to the precious cargo Muni operators are ferrying in their buses, you might think that they take extra care when they're driving. But you'd be wrong, at least when talking about the driver in the video below.

According to YouTube user boris4ka, this Muni bus driver barreled through "a solid red light that was red for a few seconds already" at 19th Avenue and Crossover Drive on January 20th, 2015.

The Muni driver's move caused "another car to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident," boris4ka reports.

When SF Weekly contacted SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose for comment on the video, the response they got was disappointingly limp. "Safety is our top priority and we take incidents like these very seriously" Rose said.

"We will use this footage to get more details about what took place and follow-up with those involved," Rose said.

I look forward to the SFMTA press release that fully explains what happened there, and what disciplinary and/or training measures the transit agency took with their errant employee! That said, I am certainly not holding my breath, nor should you.