Everybody has hot sex in this week's episode of Looking, including Doris and her apparently well endowed new boyfriend Malik ("Did I do that?" she exclaims, seeing his member in the daylight. "Good god I'm talented."). Well, Augustin doesn't, but he tries.

The episode is titled "Looking Top to Bottom," and in case that's not a big enough hint, this is the episode where Kevin bottoms! Yes. Patrick, as he puts it, is "versatile and loving it," sexually, and this is the episode where he learns how to give himself an enema. But even though he's "fresh as a mountain stream," and even though he and Kevin have the apartment to themselves — Augustin begs off for the night with new pal Eddie and Kevin's boyfriend is gone for the weekend — Kevin says, "It's your turn" and hands Patrick the condom, and it looks like the sex they have is very hot, and sweaty.

But afterwards Kevin has to go have his nightly goodnight phone call with his boyfriend, thus leading to this season's central dilemma: Will Patrick ever be more than a mistress, and will Kevin break up with his boyfriend?

Augustin pays a pointless visit to Richie to get his beard (mercifully) trimmed at the barber shop where he works and to thank him for picking his barely conscious ass up off the street in last week's episode after he took some GHB after drinking — something that actually could have killed him, but despite Looking's efforts to teach us stuff about drugs, HIV, and gay life, they skip over this little lesson.

And then everybody converges on Dom's gay rugby game where Kevin educates everybody about rugby, because he's English.

Eddie assumes that Kevin and Patrick are together, but when Kevin says no, he has a boyfriend, Eddie asks to see a photo and it gets really awkward. Then Augustin tells Eddie that they are, indeed, fucking, and we get the first instance where news is spreading outside the immediate circle and it's not hard to imagine that Eddie is the very "Castro queen" Kevin was fearing in the last episode who will end up telling the world so that the news gets back to John, the boyfriend.

Kevin and Patrick meanwhile get to share a sweet kiss "under the bleachers," which Patrick wants to do because he never got to in high school, and then they quickly bail on everyone to go have sex.

Dom's team wins, and he gets a little roughed up and bruised in the game, but then things end with a big group shower where, remarkably, there is no towel-snapping and no one making out.

In the Dom-Lynn storyline, we see them waking up at the opening of the episode in Dom's uncomfortable bed in the apartment he shares with Doris (Malik points out the disgrace of "two grown-ass forty-year-olds sharing an apartment," which is actually all too common in modern SF) and then going to breakfast with Malik and Doris. Lynn pushes Dom to take a job as the manager of a SoMa restaurant that's owned by the same fictional owner of Zuni, which Dom doesn't want to do. Dom later finds out from one of this rugby shower buddies that Lynn actually set this up for him, because he knows the restaurant owner, and Dom gets all upset about Lynn meddling with his career. This ends with Dom blowing off Lynn after the rugby game.

Augustin talks Eddie into letting him come over to watch Romy & Michelle, even though Eddie seems reluctant — cue the sexual tension there.

And that's it! The Kevin-Patrick sex stuff is pretty much the peak of excitement for this week, and this is one of those half hours that definitely feels like it's missing its other half — like, as I've written before, it's been written as an hour episode that's split into two. And with this week's episode ending with Patrick looking sad while Kevin's on the phone with John, I bet you can guess what their next conversation is going to sound like.

Over at OUT, you can read a new interview with Jonathan Groff where he talks about the "unnecessary AIDS panic" of the last episode, and hints at an "epic meltdown" that his character gets to have in Episode 6.