January will be over on Saturday, and there isn't even a speck of rain in the forecast before then, which will mean that this January 0.00 inches fell in San Francisco. This marks a very unfortunate record, meaning it's the first time in recorded history there's been no rain here the entire first month of the year. This January has been very similar to last January, with many a clear and sunny day, but a scant 6/100ths of an inch of rain did actually fall in January 2014 according to the National Weather Service.

But even more disturbing is looking at a new bar graph that shows January rainfall over the past 15 years, since 2000. We've only crossed the threshold of historically normal rainfall — in this, the historically wettest month of the year — four times in the past decade and a half, in 2000, 2005, 2008, and 2010. Every other year it's been below normal, and for the past four Januaries it's been well below normal, contributing to the state's ongoing drought. If we don't get some downpours in February we are going to be in for another summer of serious water shortages, conservation messages, and more disturbing maps like this.

Typical rainfall for January should be 4.5 inches in SF proper. Skiing in Tahoe has, consequently, suffered once again this year, despite the snow in December.

It's time to do those rain dances again.

[h/t: SFGate]

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