When local band Pomplamoose publicized what appeared to be just a sincere plea to fans to continue their support following an alleged $11K loss on tour, many people responded to the struggle of musicians to make it in today's world. But it quickly became clear that there was somewhat of an ulterior motive at work since band member Jack Conte has another project as CEO of a startup called Patreon, whose purpose is to provide a crowd-funding platform for bands like Pomplamoose, so TechCrunch and others took him to task for not disclosing that and creating a viral story that also served to market Patreon.

Anyway, Pomplamoose is still making music and raising funds via Patreon, and here's their latest video, which is for a cool mashup of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition," as sung by Conte's band partner Nataly Dawn, and two Herbie Hancock songs: “Watermelon Man” and “Chameleon.” I like it anyway.

[h/t: Laughing Squid]