Every damn year The Advocate has to pump out another list of America's gayest/queerest cities, and every year they try their hardest to be edgy, or something, by switching up the criteria so that the results are different and so that random cities that are not particularly gay at all get a moment in the spotlight. One year it was Minneapolis — which, sure, has plenty of gay people and gay bars but is certainly not the gayest — the next it was Salt Lake City (please), the next it was Tacoma (!), and last year they chose goddamn Pasadena for their number one because they are seriously running out of random places to choose. This year: Dayton, Ohio.

Even the Daily Show made fun of this list when Minneapolis beat out SF, but the Advocate refuses to stop with this bullshit.

SF Weekly has done a full-scale attack on this king/queen of bullshit lists, but you know what? I don't have the energy this year.

Go on ahead and peddle your pathetic, not-even-a-monthly-magazine-anymore magazine, Advocate. I'm sure that the LGBTQ community of Dayton appreciates the attention.

But you have put fucking Davenport, Iowa in your top 15, and left SF off completely, so your credibility is dead. Dead. Buried in the ground ten feet deep, decomposing, and dead.