Today you can expect to be blasted with some really cold (for us) Canadian air, if you haven't been already. Despite sunny, dry conditions, a cold weather system is blowing down on the Bay Area from the north, as KRON 4 and others are reporting, making for some truly chilly, wintry weather as we head toward New Year's Eve. Also, it's going to get really, unpleasantly windy.

Overnight lows in San Francisco are going to dip below 40 degrees — something that only ever happens about once a year, for you new kids — and afternoon temperatures are going to top out in the low 50s. But it will feel colder than that, and you will need to pull out some of those special, wooly layers that are usually too warm for SF. And you'll probably want gloves, even though everyone from everywhere east of the Rockies will mock us for complaining about such temperatures. This is, in point of fact, balmy spring weather for Minnesota.

As CBS 5 reports, there's a high-wind advisory in place for all coastal and valley areas with "sustained north to northeast winds of 20 to 30 mph for the area [and] gusts to 60 mph in the highest elevations."

This means tonight, and on New Year's Eve, it's going to be time to hunker down at home, or at a fireplace bar, with hot toddies and mulled wine and such.

And take note that your iPhone/Weather Channel forecast for today looks like this, utilizing a blowy wind icon I'm not sure I've seen before: