This post is brought to you by Flywheel.

It's a familiar feeling: your New Year's plans are perfectly laid out. It's gonna be the best party of the year. You're excited, your friends are excited, everyone's excited. But somewhere lingering in the back of your mind, is the vision of you, stumbling down the sidewalk waving your arms at the first cab you've seen your way in 20 minutes. It leaves you in a trail of exhaust fumes after picking up that person 15 ft in front of you. They win. They sneer.

Dejectedly looking for a cab, any cab after that is a night-ruiner. Instead of living it again this year, begin and end your New Year's plans with Flywheel. From 8pm to 3am on New Year's Eve, the Flywheel app is giving $10 flat-rate rides anywhere in the city of San Francisco. Seriously - $10.

Even better? Flywheel only uses real, licensed taxi drivers who are commercially insured and fingerprint background checked. And there's no. Surge. Pricing. Ever!

Check out more details here. Make sure to follow Flywheel on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and download the app for free on iTunes or Google Play. Say goodbye to transportation desperation, once and for all.