It's a constant debate, renting vs. buying. If you take a second to do the math, it's easy to find a great home that's actually cheaper than most of the rentals in your market. In this post we've rounded up five SF homes whose mortgage is actually cheaper than the city's median rent. There's no magic here, either—just some simple math:

  • Median rent for a 2BR in San Francisco is $4,400.
  • Your mortgage loan is based on 10% down with no PMI
  • Your interest rate is 3.5%
  • Your mortgage term is 30 years

And here's what you get.

$1,049,000 / $4,239 mortgage

163 Monterey Blvd / 3 beds 2 baths / 1,476 sq. ft. This 1939 home is 3 blocks from the BART, has a full dining room, tons of light, and a huge deck with a view. The garage parks one but is massive, including a washer-dryer.

$998,000 / $3,536 mortgage


668 Hillgirt Cir. / 5 beds 5 baths / 3,700 sq. ft. This Haddon Hill home is right near Lake Merritt, BART, and has two full kitchens with tons of bedrooms and bathrooms for turning it into an income property.

$849,000 / $3,536 mortgage


1588 Waller St / 2 beds 1 bath / 1,070 sq. ft. Here's an Edwardian condo two blocks from Golden Gate Park. It has a gorgeous kitchen and bathroom, plus in-unit laundry.

$875,000 / $3,536 mortgage


1213 Scott St. / 3 beds 2 bath / 1,439 sq. ft. This Victorian has high ceilings, giant windows, and gorgeous French doors that open onto a 100% private yard.

$775,000 / $3,132 mortgage


288 3rd St. / 1 beds 1 baths / 797 sq. ft. This condo has custom tile flooring, a great kitchen, and a 200+ sq. ft. private patio, one of only 5 units out of 92 with that feature.

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