Former San Francisco mayor/current Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom once (in)famously wondered if the Lt. Gov actually does anything. But as he heads into the end days of his first term, it looks like he might have found his calling: mugging for the camera with an adorable, aquatic bird.

According to Newsom's Facebook page, yesterday he visited Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific, where he met Newsom, a young, "slightly shy" Magellanic penguin who came to the A of the P from the Bay Area. Just like Gavin!

Looking at this photo, you might almost forget that Newsom's (the man's, not the bird's) job is on the line next week, as he faces Republican Ron Nehring's efforts to unseat him at Lt. Gov. Then again, as Nehring reportedly trails Newsom by 20 points in a September Field Poll, and has raised only $22K in campaign cash to Newsom's (not the bird's) over $2 million, you might see why Newsom feels like he can hang out with a penguin instead of campaigning.

Watch your back, Cumberbatch.

[h/t: SF Gate]