Bask in this, kids. Today's glorious, late Indian Summer sun and heat might be the last we see — even though we all know that November can sometimes surprise us. And that's why we love it here, right? No matter what month of the year it is, we always might get some surprise pop-up of lovely California weather in the middle of the week. And today it comes just in time for us to watch the Giants (possibly!) slam-dunk this third World Series in five years.

Because this evening is going to be balmy, watching outside in the throngs at Civic Center could be fun, but then again it could be royally chaotic — what with the Phish factor, and hovering riot police.

Maybe you have some fancy friends with a projection TV they could bring out to the backyard.

In any event, tonight's riots festivities should bring out a lot of people because of the weather, but the weather will be changing back to more seasonably cool temps by Thursday, with rain on the way for Halloween night. And thus the SFPD will be cursing Mother Nature tonight for making outdoor shenanigans more attractive, and thanking her come Friday for doing the opposite.

Apologies in advance if your planned costume involves water-soluble makeup, or a hairstyle that will not stand up to moisture or humidity.