Was that a spaceship in McCovey Cove this weekend? An errant holiday ornament? A bonkers creature from the depths, risen from the surface to Pacific Rim our asses?

Nope, it's just Eric Staller's bubbleboat.

The "urban UFO" which got a little bit of media attention last year, was spotted back in McCovey Cove this weekend by CJ Fogler, who created the gif above.

It makes periodic appearances during games, inspiring responses like USA Today's, which marveled that they "thought that we may have been close to making contact with the third kind," when they saw it floating next to AT&T Park Sunday.

In actuality, Stoller says, the bubbleboat's been freaking folks out for years — it was commissioned in 1986 for Liberty Weekend in New York Harbor. That's right, the bubbleboat's been around longer than some of you have been on this planet!

The craft, Stoller says, is a 12-foot diameter dome covered with 600 computerized red, white and blue bulbs, able to perform a 15-minute light show.

(We suspect it's also better at performing the National Anthem that Aaron Lewis was, but that's just a guess.)

Bubbleboat from Eric Staller on Vimeo.