A possibly intoxicated/high/balls-tripping idiot decided to climb the pegasus statue at the end of Dolores Street yesterday, across from the Whole Foods, tried to ride it like a horse, and then got stuck up there for hours until the SFFD brought in ladders and a hostage negotiator to get him down. As Mission Local reports, the unidentified shirtless man was, by mid-afternoon Sunday, "tired, hungry, and cold," after climbing up on the thing at around 11 a.m.

A Redditor snapped the pic above and Mission Local went and took video of the incident, which shows the arrival of the firemen and the man's apparent trouble cooperating with them. He tries to climb down without their help, then realizes he might fall and hurt himself, then climbs back up, and all the while there are firemen and ladders ready to help on both sides of the statue — and he was clearly freaking out.

The statue, by the way, is one of several around town commemorating the Spanish-American War.

Chalk this up to somebody trying to keep San Francisco weird. Thank you, friend.

doloresstreet statue climbe from Mission Local on Vimeo.

[h/t: Hoodline]