I don't know about you, but Luna Park (694 Valencia Street) has been one of those longstanding, mediocre Mission restaurants that always makes me go "That's still there?" So suffice it to say I'm not shedding any tears over the news that the still semi-popular restaurant is closing by the end of the year and will become a bar from the PlumpJack team, as Uptown Almanac reports.

If you're unfamiliar, PlumpJack is a winery as well as a restaurant group that is partly owned by Lieutenant Governor/former mayor/hair model Gavin Newsom, and run by his sister, Hilary Newsom. They own Balboa Cafe, Matrix Fillmore, and a few spots up in Napa, as well as an eponymous wine shop with locations in the Marina and in Noe Valley.

The likelihood of them opening another, cheesy, Matrix Fillmore-esque spot in this prime property on uber-hip Valencia is slim, but details about the group's plans remain a mystery for the moment. But Luna Park owner AJ Gilbert says the new bar will be "a great addition to the neighborhood."

He also took a moment to gripe to Uptown Almanac about the rising costs of doing business in S.F., saying that was his prime motivation for closing. Staffing, he says, will be too expensive once the minimum wage law passes. I'm sure it had nothing to do with business slowing down or the concept going stale after over a decade of serving tuna poke and mac-and-cheese.

It should be noted that the other Luna Park location in L.A.'s Hancock Park was sold to new owners in 2013.

We'll update you as we learn more.