ABC 7 got an exclusive interview with the woman herself, the one and only racist ranting tour guide who really hates Chinatown, and who has many things about it she would like to see effed. The interview Thursday evening followed a day in which the company she worked for, City Sightseeing, issued a public apology, and after Supervisors David Chiu and Malia Cohen held a rally against hate speech, in response to her rant.

The Oakland woman, who declined to be identified by name or have her face on camera, reached out to tell her side of things to the news station, saying that she "intended for [the rant] to be a satirical, comedic portion of the tour." But she admits that yes, the part about eating turtles and frogs may have been a bit of a "personal jab against the Chinese people."

I would say, "Fuck your parades, fuck your dragons. Fuck Chinatown!" is kind of insulting too.

Also she says she was not drunk, but was only "sipping" from that forty.

Then they get Chiu on the phone, and the woman speaks directly to him saying, "I thought that I could bend the rules. I thought that I could be outrageous, and it was something that went way too far."

Regardless of your opinion of her form of comedy, she was, of course, correct about one thing: No one wears jade anymore.

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