The World Series is going to be a joyous thing here in S.F. these next couple of days, and should you say otherwise you might get slapped. Or worse. But fans who shelled out for tickets to Game 4 at AT&T Park should be aware that rain is one the way. Sorry.

Tonight's Game 3 should be lovely, with partly cloudy skies giving way to lows around 63 — conditions that will make all the Kansas City fans who have traveled here terribly jealous before they even watch the Giants destroy the Royals, pitch by pitch.

On Saturday, as Accuweather reports, expect a wet and gray day overall, with showers moving in around 6 a.m. if not earlier. And the rain is expected to linger right on through Saturday night, giving no reprieve for baseball.

Sunday, though, when the Giants will hopefully be finishing off their third World Series victory in five years, will be sunny again, with highs around 68.

Let's Go Giants!!