In remembrance of the Loma Prieta earthquake — which happened 25 years ago today — SFist has been devoting some special coverage to the historical record of the quake itself, and its aftermath.

"It looked like a movie set," says Chronicle photographer Michael Macor. "It didn't look real at all." Macor was shooting for the Oakland Tribune in 1989, and in this brief video made by the Chronicle he describes what it was like running to document the aftermath of the Loma Prieta Earthquake in West Oakland. Some of Macor's powerful photos of the collapsed Cypress Freeway Viaduct are featured in the piece, and these photos became part of what won the Tribune a Pulitzer Prize the following year for spot news photography.

The Chronicle also has a nice package about Loma Prieta today, focusing on the reconstruction of two of the most heavily damaged areas — Mandela Parkway in Oakland, where the Cypress Freeway once stood, and the Marina district in San Francisco.

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