As if downtown's Salesforce convention street shutdowns weren't set to make downtown San Francisco traffic a total hairball this afternoon, now the President's coming to town to muck it up even more. THANKS OBAMA.

As we previously reported, POTUS will be gracing SF with his presence for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser. As we previously did not report, however, the fundraiser's been moved from City Hall (a DNC insider tells SFist, for "security reasons," which sure is comforting) to the W Hotel at Third and Howard, right in the center of a Salesforced street closure. Since Obama's motorcade closes every street through which it passes, that is going to make for one fun night in SoMa!

According to the White House, Obama's supposed to land at SFO at 3:30, and will be at the W event by 7:05. The Chron reports that he'll spend the night in SF, hit another DNC fundraiser Saturday morning, and will be on his way.

Outside the W event, which will also feature a performance by Maxwell (I was wondering what happened to that guy!), expect an "Emergency Protest Demonstration" at which groups like World Can’t Wait, Code Pink, and ANSWER Coalition "will demonstrate to denounce U.S. air strikes and other war moves, aggression, and military action in Syria, Iraq, and the entire region," they say via press release.

They also promise that "a replica of a war-fighting drone will fly over the protest," which certainly sounds fun.

The activists say they'll start gathering outside the W at around 3, creating yet another traffic wrinkle for anyone trying to make it though SoMa this afternoon.

But don't worry, as the cops say that they are ON IT! As San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Officer Gordon Shyy tells the Chron, “We’ve got a lot of experience with this, since (Obama) comes here quite often..We’ll be allowing them to have their free speech rights, but also making sure that people abide by traffic laws and other regulations."

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