Three months after the news broke that Lower Haight standby Cuco's was getting evicted, it's finally, sadly happening. According to Hoodline, the beloved Mexican/Salvadoran joint will close on Monday, after almost 23 years of delicious service.

As previously reported, Cuco's landlord, the notorious Robert "nutty, illegal notes to tenants" Shelton returned Cuco's rent check in July, and with help from "Eviction Boot Camp" lawyers Bornstein & Bornstein, told the restaurant's owners that they needed to be out of their space at 488 Haight Street within 30 days.

That wasn't the first time Shelton's been a pain in the Cuco's folks' plantain: one family member says that the landlord "regularly harassed them," and tried to evict them in 2012, a move thwarted by community action and a pro bono lawyer.

This time, the Campos family, which has operated Cuco's since 1992, was ready to fight again. As Hoodline reports, after Judge Lillian K. Sing refused to throw the eviction out of court, the issue was headed for a trial to begin on October 6.

In recent days, however, the Campos' attorney warned them they they'd probably lose their case, and might even be expected to cover Shelton's legal fees. Fearing that, they settled, and agreed to vacate the premises by October 15.

It's not clear if San Franciscans will ever be able to get a taste of Cuco's goodness after they close their doors on Monday: a family member says they they're considering a food truck or a pop-up, but so far no plans are firm. We suggest you stock up on their glorious plantain burritos over the next four days, because we could be facing a long stretch without them.