The Oakland Raiders just might become the San Antonio Raiders if the team's recent survey of San Antonio resident opinion wasn't just a tactic in their ongoing negotiations with the City of Oakland. As San Antonio's WOAI reports, the team just sent out a survey to the mailing list of the Alamo Dome asking things like "Would you support the Oakland Raiders if they moved to San Antonio?" and putting out feelers about ticket pricing.

The team is likely weighing the option in light of the fact that they could be on the hook for building their own new stadium in Oakland, after Oakland offered to give them some free land on which to do so, as CBS 5 reports. The A's and the Raiders are the last two major league baseball and football teams to share a stadium — and it's a really old, crappy one at that with perhaps the worst corporate naming deal in the nation, Coliseum. (Has anyone besides a journalist ever called it that?)

Raiders reps first took a trip to San Antonio back in late July, sparking rumors, and as of last month they were down there again and saying they had "no new deal in Oakland." The Raiders' lease at the Coliseum is up after this season, and they've also been rumored as a likely candidate to move to Los Angeles, which still has no NFL team despite the fictional efforts of Ari Gold on Entourage.

Meanwhile, the A's have been pissed off for a while about the state of the Coliseum and the fact that they're stuck there. But they just finally struck a deal with Oakland in July to stay at the Coliseum through at least 2018, even though the MLB commissioner isn't that happy about it either.

And Oakland has big plans for the Coliseum area that include three new arenas (including one for a basketball team that they no longer have), but those could take decades to become a reality, if they ever do.