Since the NFL isn't completely saturated yet with cases of child/spousal abuse, all eyes now turn to the latest ugly domestic violence allegations surrounding 49ers player Ray McDonald. Late Thursday, Bay City News reported that San Jose police had officially handed their investigation off to the Santa Clara County District Attorney to mull over charges.

Yesterday afternoon, the Santa Clara DA tweeted this:

Just in case you were wondering, it's almost entirely up to Santa Clara County prosecutors to decide whether Ray McDonald is charged with anything — despite how painful it is to Gavin Newsom. That means the decision does not legally hinge on whether McDonald's fiancee — the pregnant one he's accused of beating — wants to "press charges."

In sensitive situations like these, prosecutors may choose to present a criminal case to a grand jury, who can evaluate if there is enough evidence to issue an indictment for certain charges. NBC Sports reports that's what happened with fellow NFL player Adrian Peterson's child abuse charges, and he was indicted... the second time. But California rarely uses its grand juries for criminal cases, so the decision of how to charge (or not to charge) McDonald sits squarely with the Santa Clara D.A. As of Friday, there were no reports of charged filed against McDonald.

Meanwhile, ABC 7 posited an interesting connection between McDonald and the San Jose police:

One of the things that complicated the case is that McDonald apparently called a San Jose police officer either before, or about the time that the 911 call was made and that officer went to the home.

Reliable sources inside the police department said the officer also works as security at 49ers games.

It was unclear if he was on duty or off duty at the time, but police sources said he should not have gone to the home and that he should have advised McDonald to call 911 if he didn't.

As of Friday, McDonald still appeared on the 49ers active roster.

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