How are we supposed to react to the news that a woman hit a man on the back of his head then stole his wheelchair? It seems like this calls for more than a weary shake of the head, but that's all we can muster.

Here's what we know: at around 7:50 p.m. Thursday night, a woman, believed to be about 35-years-old, approached a man in a wheelchair in UN Plaza, near Market and Hyde Streets.

Coming up behind the 64-year-old wheelchair user, she hit him on the back of the head, then knocked him out of his wheelchair, SFPD spokesperson Officer Gordon Shyy says.

According to Shyy, the woman then rolled off in the chair, pushed by, he tells the Chron, a second suspect.

The victim of the attack was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, which Shyy says are not believed to be life threatening.

Both suspects, Shyy says, remain at large.