Two tabloids are reporting that Robin Williams was cremated and his ashes were scattered into the San Francisco Bay the day after he died. That's the same day Marin County authorities held a televised press conference — much to our collective horror — to announce the initial autopsy results, which had been completed that morning. Is it possible that all happened in one day?

According to Radar Online, which allegedly sources the official death certificate, Williams was cremated on Tuesday, August 12 and the description of the final place of disposition stated as “scattering in San Francisco Bay off the coast of Marin County, CA.” Williams died on Monday, August 11 in his Tiburon home.

Another blog, Hollywood Life, quotes an unnamed source as saying that spreading Williams' ashes in the Bay would be an appropriate choice, but never confirms it actually happened. The source says: “I’m sure he’d want his final resting place to be here in the Bay. He could have lived anywhere on the planet, but wanted to be here. It’s only fitting he’d be buried or spread somewhere in the Bay.”

Since dumping ashes in the Bay would be illegal, this may never be confirmed except by Williams' own family.

A final autopsy report, which will include ongoing toxicology test results, is expected from the Marin County Sheriff's Department in the coming weeks.

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