Timothy Midgett, the 40-year-old inmate who skipped out on his last month of hard time earlier this month turned up two weeks later, less than two blocks away from the San Francisco county jail.

Midgett was in lockup at the Hall of Justice on Bryant Street in SoMa serving a one year sentence that was supposed to end with his release on July 24th. On June 7th, however, he tried to cut that sentence short by making a break for it while he was taking out the trash. The sheriff's deputy who was supervising Midgett was unable to keep up when the convict took off through an exit door.

On Tuesday night, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's department says they received a tip that Midgett was at 525 Fifth Street in SoMa, home of the St. Vincent de Paul Society's homeless shelter and less than a 5 minute walk from 850 Bryant Street. Midgett was arrested again last night around 8:10 p.m. and booked back into jail on a felony escape charge with no bail. His original conviction was for a felony drug possession charge and he is also wanted in Houston for an outstanding narcotics warrant.

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