Today Saison announced the launch of a chef's Test Kitchen series, utilizing a new, undisclosed space for exclusive, 8-person dinners on Saturdays, starting August 2. The test-kitchen/think-tank experience will feature an exclusive menu specific to that evening, and will serve as a testing ground for chef Joshua Skenes' new ideas. Also, unlike the standard menus each night in Saison, Skenes will be doing all the cooking for these dinners himself, and it will serve as "a platform for the sharing of new ideas, experimentation and discussion, and the opportunity to sit down with a glass of wine and converse with guests after dinner."

The restaurant announced the news in a release today, and the full experience, including wine pairings from sommelier Mark Bright, will be $498 per person — roughly equivalent to the regular tasting menu in the restaurant with pairings. Reservations will be taken up to two months in advance, and again, this is on Saturdays only.

Also today they announced a series of wine dinners hosted by Bright, which will kick off on July 15 with a dinner in collaboration with Mina Group wine guy and Sandhi winemaker Rajat Parr. Reservations are being taken from 5:30pm-9:30pm, and dinner with wine pairings will be $495 per person. More dinners will happen about every two months, highlighting Bright's relationships with winemakers around the world.

Reserve here or at 415-828-7990. (For the test kitchen series, phone is probably best.)