It seems like everyone in SF has an opinion on thrift store shopping, from "that's how I spend my weekends," to "there's no good thrift store shopping in San Francisco, you need to go to Idaho or something," to "I have a gazillion dollars in Twitter stock, I don't need to buy things that have been used." But everyone, even that last guy, likely agrees that $2 is pretty cheap for a wearable item of clothing—but that's all you'll be spending today and Saturday at any San Francisco "neighborhood" Goodwill store.

According to the press release sent to SFist, shoppers are promised "one-of-a-kind, new arrival fashion finds from today’s most popular brands" (excluding items with pink, red or "vintage" tags) for $2 all day today and tomorrow at their stores at:

1580 Mission St.
2279 Mission St.
4631 Mission St.
3801 3rd St.
820 Clement St.
1669 Fillmore St. (an SFist fave)
822 Geary St.
1700 Haight St.

If you noticed that two local Goodwill stores were missing from that list, you're right: their stores in the Sunset (400 Irving St.) and West Portal (61 W. Portal Ave.) are apparently "boutique" stores, where all clothing items will be 50% off Friday and Saturday.

The latter deal's way more hit or miss, so if you're short on time, I suggest that you skip the boutiques and go straight for the $2 stores. And if you can't make it this week, don't stress too hard, as this isn't the first time they've had this sale, and it won't be the last.

All the money you spend this weekend or any other day at Goodwill will go to their programs to fight poverty, giving you a self-righteous do-gooder glow in addition to your bargain duds. So have fun, and, please, learn from my high-school-era mistake: wash before you wear.

Store hours differ, you can see a list of locations and hours here.