Lieutenant governor and gay marriage hero Gavin Newsom took to Twitter yesterday to scold Texas governor Rick Perry for his ignorance about gay stuff. And he's demanding that Perry apologize.

To recap, Perry came through town on Wednesday on one of his repeat missions to poach jobs from California and bring them to Texas, and he made an appearance at the Commonwealth Club. In the course of the stage discussion, he compared the "choice" and "lifestyle" of homosexuality with the choice to become an alcoholic, drawing hisses from the assembled San Francisco crowd (at least some of whom were ostensibly fans).

Below, Newsom's reactions.

For his part, this is all Perry had to say in the last 24 hours.

And I should point out that Newsom has 1.2 million followers on Twitter, compared to Perry's 225,000. Because, like I said yesterday, Perry is your homophobic grandfather's favorite candidate, and your grandfather does not know what Twitter is.