It must be summer in Sonoma County, where two deplorable nineteen-year-olds were arrested last week after they somehow managed to use a stolen credit card to rent a $240,000 McLaren and a $12 million home in nearby Glen Ellen.

According to the Chronicle, Mohannad Halaweh of Rohnert Park, and Nhimia Kahsay of Santa Rosa were pulled over Wednesday night in a bright orange McLaren near Roseland neighborhood of Santa Rosa. The two teens managed to rent the car, worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars for a mere $13,000 using fraudulent credit card information. The car had been reported stolen to police and the teens apparently hadn't considered the fact that there aren't too many McLarens driving up and down Highway 101 near Santa Rosa.

Aside from the McLaren joyride, the two teens used the credit card info to book a rental in a $12 million vacation home. Halaweh was a former basketball star at Analy High School and his Twitter bio claims he is [sic] "Trying to learn and strive in the stock market. 19 and always learning. Trying too." So, it sounds like he's already on his way to becoming a loathe-worthy Wall Street bro as well.

For their opulent weekday jaunt, Halaweh was arrested for possession stolen property and credit card fraud, with a whopping bail set at an equally spendy $100,000. He was reportedly on his way back from a court date when the police pulled him over on Wednesday. He was arrested back in March when he tried to buy $10,000 worth of merchandise at an Apple Store in Berkeley.

Kahsay, who had been riding shotgun was originally cited and released, although it now appears he has a few more outstanding fraud warrants himself and will probably get a few more charges thrown on top of the most recent incident.

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