The Terminator is my favorite movie. I am dead serious about this. But out of the zillions of times I have watched it (on VHS, on laser disk, on my many different collector's edition DVDs, and every time I'm flipping around and it's on TV), I've never watched it in a communal setting, or on anything besides a TV screen. Have you?

Tonight's our chance to rectify that: hit The Knockout tonight at 6:30 for a free HD screening of the 1984 classic that launched a franchise (and, some might say, our former Governor's career). I mean, come on, I don't need to explain to you why The Terminator is great. Either you get it or you don't.

Event organizers say that the movie will be preceded by an episode of Cowboy Bebop, then it's time travel, robots, and shootouts galore. There's a storm coming in!

What: The Terminator
When: 6:30 ("WHAT YEAR!?")
Where: The Knockout (3223 Mission at Valencia)
Cost: Free