Folks in Chinatown are on high alert after a series of brutal robberies have hit the area. Specifically, a well-dressed man described as being "anywhere from 40- to 50-year-old" and "last seen wearing a red tie" has robbed and assaulted elderly residents over the last couple weeks.

NBC Bay Area has more:

On Tuesday, police said the robber followed an 88-year-old woman to her door, covered her mouth and then took her cash.

The suspect also is known to trick people into getting his way inside their homes.

"Our guy went in and spoke Chinese and said he was there to spray for roaches," San Francisco Police Capt. Garret Tom said. "He spoke Chinese but wasn't Asian."

Tom said the man stole the victims money and punched her in the stomach when she tried to stop him.

The suspect has struck at least four times. All of the incidents have happened in Chinatown at residential hotels. Three of the robberies/attacks occurred over the last week.

We'll update as soon as we know more.

[NBC Bay Area]