Recreational pot smokers, they're the worst. When they're not rambling on about absolutely nothing, they're rambling on about absolutely nothing. (Land the plane, stoners!) Further, they've taken an aggressive turn as of late à la trashing Golden Gate Park on the stoniest day of the day. Last year, if you recall, bloodshot-eyed brethren made fools of themselves at the annual April 20th gala on Hippie Hill.

Today at noon, Supervisor London Breed, police chief Greg Shur, Juvenile Probation Department Chief Allen Nance, and Recreation and Parks Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg will convene to figure out this year's 4/20 celebration. In a nutshell, they'll discuss how to avoid last year's fete wherein volunteers and park workers spent the next day cleaning up five tons of snack-related debris.

Oh, and brawls broke out too, because San Francisco can no longer have a party or festival without violent physical altercations. For example:



Update: Following today's hearing, Supervisor London Breed issued a four-point plan on dealing with Sunday's unofficial 4/20 revelry. In part, she notes:

San Francisco, as always, welcomes celebrants with open arms, but this Sunday there will be boundaries to keep the community safe, and there will be no tolerance for anyone using 4/20 as an excuse to harm our parks or neighborhoods.

- There will be increased law enforcement presence both uniform and plainclothes—including Juvenile Probation Officers—in the Park, upper and lower Haight, and surrounding neighborhoods with a strict enforcement approach to all code violations.

- Parking is very limited in the area, and there will be Parking Control Officers (PCOs) ticketing and/or towing vehicles parked illegally in any way, e.g. on lawns or in neighbors’ driveways. PCOs will also be deployed at busy intersections to keep traffic and transit moving.

- Unpermitted booths and concessions in the Parks will not be allowed. Such enterprises will be immediately cited and removed.

- Traffic control officers, SFPD, and Muni will be on hand in the afternoon to help move visitors out of the neighborhoods quickly and safely. Muni will reroute buses off Haight Street between Stanyan and Masonic to avoid delays.

If our neighborhoods and parks are expected to continue hosting a large gathering, without an organizer or any resources beyond those provided by the taxpayer, we must all be vigilant in ensuring the event is safe, clean, and responsible.